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Customer Story

Insular Life

How Insular Life tracks the customer journey to transform the customer experience




The Insular Life Assurance Company, Ltd. is a mutual life insurance company in the Philippines. In 2019, InLife’s leadership team launched an initiative known as ‘Purpose before Profits,’ which is built on the mission of delivering value to customers. The team designed a 5-year roadmap to improve customer experience—a change management program that impacts company strategy, culture, and process. They now base their strategies on understanding customer requirements to transform the customer experience.


  • Create stronger alignment between customer ideals and the Insular Life brand
  • Provide customers value beyond functional and economic goals
  • Transform the company culture and mindset to be customer-centric
Insular Life business challenge

Business Challenge 

Though one of the longest established insurers in the Philippines, InLife wasn’t a top-of-mind choice for consumers and the team worried they were out of touch with customer needs and motivations. Prior to launching their CX initiative, InLife had a limited understanding of the customer journey and the factors that drive customer satisfaction and loyalty.


InLife built the foundation for its 5-year initiative in Year One by adopting Alida Total Experience for an outside-in customer view. InLife has now embedded the customer voice in its strategic decision-making process in many ways. They have built a private, digital community of customers to gather in-depth feedback and engage in ongoing conversations. This access enables continuous discovery so they can capture rapid feedback on a variety of issues and uncover emerging trends.

The team uses their community for persona development. The insights gathered enrich user personas they've defined, which are used in improving the UX of their mobile app and customer onboarding journey.

By mapping the customer journey, InLife pinpoints moments that have the most impact on the customer experience. They collect feedback via their digital platforms and after transactions are completed to understand the end-to-end customer experience. They can measure sentiment at every point on the journey, connect the dots, and take action to improve results.

Dashboards make it easy for the InLife team to analyze the insights they collect and share results with their executive team as well as a CX committee and business unit management from insurance, operations, marketing, and sales. A group of employees known as VoCP Champs are responsible for communicating highlights to their respective operating units.

InLife’s Data Analytics and Innovations Team is uncovering correlations between CX data and operational data to inform decisions. They’re building a comprehensive customer journey dashboard to allow stakeholders to quickly observe trends and changes in key business metrics related to operations, customer perceptions, and business outcomes.   

The team has developed a closed loop management process to ensure information is shared back to the community on changes that have been made, so participants know InLife is listening to and acting upon their feedback. “Alida has empowered us to quickly act on critical feedback that we come across from our VOC activities. With the customers' permission, we are able to quickly get back to them and resolve pressing concerns that caused their dissatisfaction,” said EJ Salazar, Head of Customer Experience Management. “Recurring issues uncovered from the insights are also reported back to relevant Business Units so they can be accounted for in succeeding product/process iterations that intend to weed out the friction experienced by our customers.”


InLife now has a better understanding of their customers’ ideals, particularly a younger generation focused on relatability, transparency, authenticity, and social good, and can better align their brand to attract consumers.

The insights InLife gathers have validated assumptions so that teams could move forward with confidence. Feedback has triggered changes in InLife’s policy application and issuance process, identified opportunities to train field sales, as well as informed feature and UI enhancement of the customer mobile app and website.

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