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Twitter Achieved

Contributed to 10% of gross revenue from travel industry partners

81% of Twitter's sales team said insights promoted advertiser revenue opportunities

94% of ad sales team said customer insights lead to additional conversations and meetings


Launched in 2006, Twitter is an online news and social networking service. Twitter is a primary source of local, regional, and global news.


  • Drive revenue growth

Business Challenge 

Brands from all verticals and media agencies come to the platform with unique initiatives and objectives that require custom insights and measurement. To build a deeper relationship with advertising partners and unlock new revenue streams in key verticals, Twitter needed to open new avenues of insights up for their clients. This included needing to know how different audiences engage with paid and organic content from brands that advertise on Twitter, and providing bespoke insights that complement conventional campaign effectiveness metrics and off-the-shelf solutions.



Twitter launched Twitter Insiders, run on the Alida Sparq customer insights platform, to uncover direct, consent-based feedback they could use to complement and augment traditional media metrics, behavioral and usage data to become experts in engaging new and receptive audiences for advertisers.

Insiders offers the teams at Twitter extraordinary flexibility, speed, and agility. They have total control and visibility into each activity. They can edit and tweak instantly, and the turnaround is measured in days—not weeks or months.

This access to fast, agile insight has transformed how they work with advertisers; designing programs that help their partners understand audiences, large or small, communicate with them effectively and verify the impact of their campaigns over time. Progressive profiling makes it easy to ask follow-up questions and dig deeper into members' perspectives and sentiment because there is no need to re-recruit or requalify people to participate.

With Insiders, the insight team at Twitter has become instrumental to the pre-sales process and ongoing assessment of impact for brand partners. Ultimately, insight helps to proactively outline programs and build a stronger relationship with clients. The ability to deliver brand-specific bespoke insight that competitors cannot replicate has helped gain client trust and deliver unique value that has increased ad sales revenue for Twitter.

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