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Alida Takes on CXM Industry with Release of New and Enhanced Products

Fall 2020 product release elevates the Alida platform as the complete solution for improving customer experience


TORONTO -- October 20, 2020 -- Alida (formerly Vision Critical), today delivered its Fall 2020 product release, launching two new Alida products, enhancing existing core products and introducing the new Technology Industry solution. All these products are aimed at helping organizations uncover customer truths that can be put into action to improve the customer experience. 

New products in Today’s Fall ‘20 launch include the release of Alida CXM (Customer Experience Management) and Alida Analytics, both previously announced on October 6, 2020. The delivery of today’s Fall 2020 product launch cements Alida as the creator of the world’s first single customer experience platform to offer both CXM and deep insights. 

Uncover the Truth with Deep Insights and Broad Feedback

With 163 million members in its digital insight communities today, Alida Sparq is the flagship product within the Alida CXM and insights platform. Alida Sparq gives brands a 360-degree view of their customers by allowing users to continuously uncover deep insights from highly-profiled and engaged brand advocates. Today’s release delivers several enhancements and innovations to ensure Alida clients can more efficiently understand how customers’ preferences, motivations and sentiments evolve over time. 

Alida Sparq Fall 2020 enhancements include:

  • Calendar integration through Calendly that allows advocates to book interviews, product and concept walk-throughs, digital customer advisory board meetings and more
  • Sample management to help administrators select the right members at the right time 
  • Mobile push notifications to create rules and set real-time alerts
  • Text analytics improvements to allow multiple responses to the same individual activity
  • Sensitive data redaction for users without sensitive data permissions, and more

“Brands are transforming how they listen to their customers, now more than ever. Companies are adopting the ‘Power of &’,” said Riaz Raihan, President of Products at Alida. “On the one hand you have CXM, obtaining broad feedback and optimizing millions of customer experiences in real time. On the other, gaining deep insights from highly-profiled customers that are advocates of your services and products. When done together, the frictionless data flow between the two domains uncovers incredible new sources of value.”

Today’s release also includes enhancements to Alida Touchpoint and Alida Surveys. Three new critical features were released for Alida Touchpoint that help administrators design polls and pop-ups for maximum effectiveness with desired audiences including: Customized Social Preview, Situational Quick Polls and Logic Visualization. Alida’s enterprise-grade survey application, Alida Surveys, has been expanded to support a variety of user needs. This includes MaxDiff surveys & analysis to determine the importance of features without overwhelming survey respondents.

New Solution to Empower the Technology Industry

Alida’s new Technology Industry solution is the second industry-specific package Alida will introduce in the coming months to help clients derive value from their CXM investments. The Technology Industry solution empowers clients to inject customer insights and feedback continuously throughout the product life-cycle: from product development to product launch and beyond. 

The solution includes technology-specific customer experience templates, defined steps and narratives, and best practices to ensure collection of the right feedback to maximize actionable insights. 

Put Truth into Action with Customer Experience Management

With the release of Alida CXM and Alida Analytics, Alida has delivered the world’s first CXM and insights platform. Working in seamless integration with Alida Sparq and Alida Touchpoint, brands now have the power to tap broad feedback and uncover deep insights from their customers, and then put it into action in real time. 

“The new Alida Analytics product is super helpful,” said Carl Osburn, Customer Insights Lead at NiSource. “The reporting tool integrates seamlessly with Alida Sparq and is easy to navigate. Developing a configurable dashboard is easy and quick. The ability to share dashboards through a live link will allow us to share results broadly to ensure that all stakeholders have access to the data they need to make strategic decisions.”

For more information on Alida’s products and how they can help your organization uncover its customers’ truth and put it into action, visit

Alida Activate

Alida’s Fall 2020 release will be introduced today at Alida Activate, a two-day virtual and interactive CX conference led by top innovators, out-of-the-box thinkers and CX masters. 

Join Raihan later today at Alida Activate as he shares how to transform business through utilizing the ‘Power of &’. Register at

About Alida

Alida believes in a world where customers are the ultimate source of truth. A world where the best business decisions are those made with customers, not for them. That's why Alida created the world's first CXM and insights platform to turn customer truth into action. For over 20 years, iconic brands like BuzzFeed, LinkedIn, and Red Bull have chosen Alida, formerly Vision Critical, as their secret weapon. Alida’s unique approach of coupling broad feedback with deep insights creates meaningful and lasting customer relationships and builds brands that stand the test of time.

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