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Fall 2020 Product Release: Alida CXM and Alida Analytics

Written by Alida

Published October 20, 2020


At the beginning of 2020, Vision Critical made the strategic decision, guided by new leadership, to not only continue to help brands deeply understand their customers, but to make it easier for them to manage the end-to-end customer experience. An important component of this strategy was to rebrand the company to better represent and fulfill that promise to our customers, and thus early in the year, rebrand efforts kicked off. Simultaneously, our product organization, also under new leadership by Riaz Raihan, set an innovation agenda that was at once both aggressive and exciting. The organization and our customers were invigorated.

And Then a Pandemic 

We all know what happened next. In March, the world changed as we knew it. We had some important decisions to make. Is it wise to rebrand the company in the midst of such uncertainty? Could we meet the demands of our innovation strategy with the entire company working remotely? Was all of this in the best interest of our customers?

The decisions were made. Yes, yes, and yes. We pressed on. Our new brand, Alida, was unveiled to the world on September 23. Customers, partners, analysts, and our employees rallied behind it and our new tagline, Truth in Action. By that time, we had 3 on-time, compelling product releases under our belt for 2020, but the most critical was still to come.

Introducing Alida CXM

Today, October 20, we are so excited to launch our fourth on-time release of 2020 and with it, the culmination of our promise to help brands improve their customer experience by closing the feedback loop, strengthen their brand loyalty, and ultimately better achieve performance metrics with the world’s first CXM and insights platform.


Alida CXM helps brands elevate their customers’ experiences. Working in seamless integration with Alida Sparq and Alida Touchpoint, brands have the power to tap broad feedback and uncover deep insights from their customers, and then put that feedback into action in real-time. Designed to close the feedback loop, Alida CXM takes in customer feedback from direct and indirect sources to provide automatic actioning based on a configurable rules engine. It then updates case management for visibility across customer-facing teams, giving brands confidence that every customer experience is being optimally managed and monitored. 

But Wait, There’s More

Also released in the Alida platform is Alida Analytics, which offers configurable, role-based, mobile dashboards that provide insight into critical customer experience metrics. With Alida Analytics, users will be able to create and customize dashboards to summarize their profile variable data in an easy-to-consume format that makes it easy to visualize the composition of their insight communities.

And what’s more, Alida has also rolled out critical new features to our products that customers know and love, Alida Sparq, Alida Touchpoint, and Alida Surveys.

Today’s release also delivers several enhancements and innovations to ensure Alida clients can more efficiently understand how customers preferences, motivations and sentiments evolve over time. Importantly, these enhancements were made in collaboration with our customers. They asked for features to make it easier for them to administer their Alida Sparq insight communities, to extend their ability to reach audiences on social media platforms through Alida Touchpoint, and to add advanced features like MaxDiff to both Alida Surveys and Alida Sparq. Delivering these enhancements is just as sweet as delivering new products because they were made with and for our customers.

Contextual Understanding of Customers is a Must

With our expansion further into CXM and with a keen eye on continuing to expand capabilities to deeply understand customers through insight communities, we’ve double-downed on enabling the best customer experience possible and the market is taking notice.  

“Alida has differentiated themselves in an over-saturated market, not only through their new brand, but also with a platform transformation that connects broad customer feedback with targeted deep insights to turn the voice of customers into unique experiences," said Alan Webber, Vice President of Customer Experience Management Strategies at IDC. “Companies that want to deepen relationships and improve experiences with their customers need a contextual understanding of why customers feel the way they do so that they can instantly act to optimize customer experiences. Alida has built an end-to-end solution to help brands do just that."

Putting Truth into Action in the Midst of the Unknown

While no one could have predicted 2020 and all the challenges we’ve faced and continue to face, we’ve learned and adapted, and know that no matter what’s coming our way in 2021, we’re better together. 

Brands can achieve more by listening to understand, actioning truths they uncover, and most importantly, keeping empathy at the center of all they do. It’s what our customers expect, and it’s what our customers deserve.


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