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Text Analytics

Transform customers’ feedback into actionable insights.

Text Analytics allows you to have a deep understanding of customers’ perceptions and trends over time so that you can establish a long-term relationship with them

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Discover priceless opportunities in your customers’ feedback.

There is a lot of thought and feeling that goes into your customers' feedback. They have invested their time to contact you and demonstrated your business matters to them. Imagine aggregating all your customers' qualitative and quantitative responses in a single platform, a place where you can discover the topics on top of their minds and the motivations behind their actions. With Text Analytics, you can go beyond merely listening to the voice of your customer. Learn what your customers care most about so you can develop customer-centric strategies that give your business an edge over your competition.


Find out what matters most to your customers.

Text Analytics processes open-ended data from multiple sources in one centralized platform, at scale and in many languages, so you can quickly and easily turn these insights into action. Natural language processing (NLP) in Text Analytics contextualizes words from within complex structures, ambiguous sentences and even right-to-left languages. With this understanding of your customers' priorities, and motivations, you can respond appropriately and with empathy to increase customer satisfaction, positive sentiment, and loyalty.

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Text Analytics Features.

Sentiment analysis in many languages

Key phrases

Text classification

End-to-end solution

Sentiment Analysis in Many Languages

Text Analytics uses advanced AI capabilities to capture contextualized customer sentiment in eleven different languages. As a result, you gain centralized information that spans your company's geographic boundaries. In addition, your customers feel a closer connection with your organization by being able to reply in their own language.   

Sentiment Analysis

Key Phrases

Text Analytics identifies key phrases in open-ended responses, which allows tagging for improved information retrieval. By using tags, you can glean more granular, accurate, and relevant insights so you can learn—and act on—what’s most important to your customers.


Text Classification

Customizable hierarchically-based taxonomy
categorizes large amounts of unstructured data into specific themes. Drill down into specific business areas and perform qualitative analysis to understand the root cause of customer issues. Share relevant information with stakeholders so they can take the right action.


End-to-End Solution

Text Analytics is an end-to-end solution that easily integrates with various third-party data sources and has built-in dashboards to provide you with a holistic view of customer experience insights.


Customizable dashboards for better visualization and speedier reporting.

Analytics by Alida gives you real-time access to role-based, mobile-friendly dashboards that are completely customizable to your brand’s look and feel, and reports that are easily shareable with stakeholders. Analytics allows you to stay on top of your CX programs showing trends over time as well as the latest insights. Also, you can access the most relevant information on the go with the Mobile App by Alida.


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