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Alida Kicks off 2021 by Strengthening Our CXM & Insights Platform

Written by Alida

Published January 26, 2021

And we're off to the races!

We are only a month into the new year, but we are firing on all cylinders. After a much-needed and well-deserved break for the holidays, the Alida team came back and hit the ground running to deliver our first product release of 2021

We at Alida, just like our customers around the globe, are still operating under the new-normal pandemic environment which includes fully-remote work. It’s been an adjustment, but we’ve learned along the way and while we hope the need to be apart from our colleagues ends soon, we know we can do this. Through it all, we’re delivering new ways to help our customers with their unique pandemic challenges.

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The Digital Underbelly

One impact of COVID-19 felt across businesses of all shapes and sizes, and across industries and geographies, is the exposure of immature digital touchpoints. As IDC said in a recent report, the pandemic forced the acceleration of the digital transformation of both the consumer and the brand and completely shifted the potential customer journey engagement points. 

This means both businesses and their customers are learning new ways of interacting through digital channels. Businesses that were already behind in enhancing their customers’ digital experiences were caught off guard. Consumers, especially those not digitally native, struggled with the channels they were forced to use. Thus, the digital underbelly. The realization that experience matters and as soon as the underbelly is exposed, the risk for injury is great.

How the Right Interaction at the Right Time Makes all the Difference

The thing about the digital underbelly is that it doesn't need to remain exposed. Brands can learn from their customers and deliberately increase their ability to deliver an empathetic experience for them. By collecting feedback across the customer journey and acting on insights uncovered, brands can realize real tangible results. Alida can help! 

With our Winter 2021 product release, Alida delivers critical enhancements to our CXM & Insights Platform, all of which are designed to enable brands to capture contextual information about their customers so they can deliver a better experience.

Introducing Alida Video for Customer Video Feedback

Part and parcel for an empathetic relationship between a brand and a customer to work, is the ability to humanize customers so that they are more than ones and zeros. Alida Video helps brands amplify their customers’ voices as a source of truth to create understanding, empathy, and connection with their customers. By making it easy for customers to provide feedback about their experiences through video, brands can uncover authentic, deep insights that humanize the data in a way that can be hard for text-based feedback to do. 

Armed with video survey capabilities, customer experience practitioners can share meaningful examples of real customers with organizational stakeholders and inform critical decisions with both the face and the voice of the customer.


Closing the Feedback Loop with the Alida CXM & Insights Platform

Whether brands are sophisticated in their delivery of digital experiences or they are working hard to cover their digital underbelly, Alida empowers them to action the feedback and insights they’ve uncovered to close the feedback loop. Our latest release includes enhancements to both the functionality and infrastructure required to do just that.

Available now:

  • Case Management to automatically create cases on-platform for customer follow-up without relying on a third-party CRM
  • Data Lake to integrate operational and experiential data from multiple sources into a common format so that all CX data is available in one platform
  • Crosstab Analysis to seamlessly uncover patterns and insights by slicing survey data by different groups, segments or respondents
  • Configurable Dashboards for Alida Surveys, in addition to Alida Sparq, to help admins and stakeholders create and view dashboards that show the composition and related analytics of survey respondents


Easy Does It

Additional enhancements delivered in our Winter 2021 release were designed to make it easier for both platform administrators to uncover insights and for their customer to deliver valued feedback.

Alida Touchpoint, our mobile-first micro-survey application, now enables brands to gauge brand perception and loyalty with new NPS® micro-surveys. Designed to easily collect feedback via digital channels, Alida Touchpoint can now be used in mobile applications to engage customers with on-brand micro-surveys designed to collect contextual and meaningful feedback.

Also included in our Winter 2021 release:

  • Hub Newsletter Redesign for brands to better engage their Alida Sparq insight community members and stakeholders with more visual and content-rich newsletters
  • Quotas for administrators to control the number of responses to a survey or a set of questions
  • Mobile Survey Image Enhancements to improve the respondent experience
  • Recodes and Rollups as an Early Access Program (EAP) for users to create new custom variables based on a dataset and analyze data from a different view


Your Customers Want to Help You Be Better

One lesson we’ve all learned over the past year is that we are in this together. Our collective customers, Alida’s and yours, want the brands they interact with to be better and they will help us, if only we’ll listen.

With new ways to listen and action what we’ve learned, the future is brighter and the journey is paved with opportunity.

Learn how Alida helps brands close the feedback loop and put their customer truths into action.

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