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Increase Customer Feedback With Digital Rewards

Written by Rybbon

Published January 27, 2022

Delivering experiences that customers love takes more than chance. You need to know what they want, how they want it, and when they want it. And the only way to get that information is to increase customer feedback and uncover customer truth, which requires intimate knowledge of their likes, dislikes, and issues. However, customers are hard to engage, and collecting survey responses that are representative of your entire customer base is easier said than done. Too much data or the wrong data can result in data paralyzation, while obtaining too little data leaves you speculating about the customer experiences you’re providing. 

Get the Customer Insights Needed by Taking Your Surveys to the Next Level

What if your next customer survey program not only resulted in an exceptional number of responses but kept customers engaged over the long term? It might sound too good to be true, but it’s not anymore. Alida has recently partnered with Rybbon, the leading provider of digital rewards, to give you all the tools needed to simplify customer engagement, boost response rates, and become the voice of your customers.  

By combining Rybbon’s powerful digital rewards program with Alida’s leading customer experience management (CXM) platform, you’re able to improve the omnichannel customer experience, promote customer loyalty and advocacy, and rise above the competition: 


  • Improve the end-to-end customer experience: All too frequently, customers are an untapped resource for ideas on how to enhance their entire lifecycle experience — from discovery, purchase, and onboarding to delivery, support, and renewal.


  • Promote customer loyalty and advocacy: Test rebranding initiatives and marketing campaigns before they launch and gain insights into customer expectations and perceptions.


  • Rise above the competition: With the rate of churn continuing to rise, your customers have their finger on the pulse of your competitors’ offerings, prices, and more. Why not use this information to your advantage to create targeted marketing and sales campaigns?


By incorporating digital rewards into your customer survey programs, you’ll be on the road to collecting the insights needed to make informed business decisions. Rybbon’s unique points-to-rewards program helps increase customer feedback and maintain high participation levels over time. 

With PointsJoy, your customers accumulate points that can be redeemed for a variety of digital rewards once they reach a predetermined threshold. Easy to implement and administer, PointsJoy enables Alida clients to:


  • Determine the number of points to reward respondents based on criteria such as how long a survey will take to complete. 


  • Provide respondents with a wide selection of digital rewards that are redeemable in their country. 


  • Reduce incentives program administrative time by up to 75% through robust rewards tracking, reporting, and an easy-to-use dashboard.


  • Automatically send a reward email, informing the respondent that it’s time for them to redeem their accumulated points for a reward of their choice.


  • Eliminate respondents’ ability to accrue an excessive number of points, thus reducing your financial liability. When the reward email is sent, the redeemed points are automatically deducted from the respondent’s points balance.


  • Receive 100% refunds on all unclaimed rewards.

These benefits are just the tip of the iceberg. This partnership provides Alida clients with a native Rybbon integration, making it easy to quickly and effortlessly boost voice of the customer response rates.


Becoming the Voice of Your Customers Has Never Been Easier

Did you know that, on average, customer survey response rates range between 10% and 15%? Rybbon’s digital incentives program gives you the power to cut through the noise to quickly increase customer feedback, and effortlessly boost voice-of-the-customer response rates by up to 400%. 

Are you ready to become the voice of 

your customers? See how Rybbon and Alida can help!

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