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Summer '20 Release: Customer-led innovations help you stay on the path of customer-centricity

Written by Alida

Published July 08, 2020

How Did We Get Here? And Why?

It is July 2020 and we don’t have to tell you that the world has changed this year. In the words of David Byrne and the Talking Heads, “And you may ask yourself, well how did I get here?” But, for many organizations, the new world we’re operating in thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, brought about a response to that question that showed regardless of the crisis situation, they have a plan, and while it may have shifted as they adapted to new circumstances, they’ve taken the time to ensure their customers feel valued and know not only how they got there, but why.

The Path to Innovation Needs No Course Correction

And that brings us back to Vision Critical. In the midst of the continuing pandemic, we have re-centered and remained true to what we set out to do. Deliver innovative products that create value for our customers by bringing them closer to their most important stakeholders. It’s a deliberate path that we set upon earlier this year, and we haven’t wavered.

It brings us great excitement to deliver another on-time release packed with new solutions and enhancements all designed to improve ways for organizations to easily collect broad feedback and deep insights from both customers and employees. Only when an organization combines candid feedback with deep and meaningful insights, can they truly begin to improve products and experiences that matter most. We call this the "Power of &.”

Summer ’20 Release

Vision Critical’s Summer ’20 release includes enhancements to our Sparq, Touchpoint and Surveys products, as well as two new solutions, NPS® Accelerator and Voice of Employee.

NPS, The Right Way

NPS is not new, but our approach is. NPS Accelerator helps customers accelerate their CXM maturity because NPS Accelerator is not just the standard NPS survey. It's a full, comprehensive program designed to engage customers and close the feedback loop, so organizations can quickly take appropriate actions and increase brand loyalty.The NPS Accelerator includes:

  • NPS surveys with unlimited responses
  • NPS dashboard and reporting
  • Text & sentiment analysis
  • Multiple methods of survey distribution
  • NPS JumpStart program to rapidly gain customer loyalty and instant feedback

An Employee Heard can be a Customer Saved

Employees can often be the first line of defense for a poor customer experience. They hear first-hand how customers may be struggling and provide critical insights to the organization to drive better customer experience. But what about their experience? Our new Voice of Employee (VoE) solution provides HR professionals a powerful way to get a pulse on employee engagement during ongoing common experience milestones. With a VoE program in place, organizations can ensure employees feel heard, and that their needs are elevated to key stakeholders. The VoE solution includes four employee milestone pre-defined templates as well as a dashboard that compares current scores to scores over times to identify trends and key opportunities for improvement:

  • Onboarding
  • Monthly or quarterly pulse
  • Annual employees Survey
  • Exit interviews

Customers are the Signposts that Guide How We Get There: Sparq and Touchpoint

Sparq customers continue to deeply inform our product strategy and through continued co-development, our latest enhancements for both Sparq and Touchpoint create a better experience for our customers’ digital insight community members while increasing administrative efficiency with new features such as:

  • Improved Mobile App lets admins and stakeholders keep track of activity metrics on the go
  • New AI capabilities to guide administrators to create the most compelling subject lines to garner the greatest number of responses
  • New activity tagging allows for easier organization and distributed access to Sparq activity administration
  • New native Virtual Incentives integration gives brands easy ways to instantly incent activity from respondents with a wide range of gift cards
  • Social Single Sign-On for Hubs makes it easy to log in with LinkedIn, Facebook, or Google

With our first release since Touchpoint was introduced in April, we’ve delivered compelling enhancements that help brands interact with their customers and broader target segments via their digital properties. Touchpoint now has Website Pop-Ups that can easily be deployed on a brand’s digital properties to collect feedback or other input, drive engagement, and even easily test visual concepts. Brands can also segment their target audiences using configurable logic to provide tailored calls to action based on individual survey responses.

Where are we Going Next?

While we don’t know exactly what the second half of the year will bring, we can promise you this: At Vision Critical, we will bring more. More customer-led enhancements, more innovation, more ways to help you stay on the path of customer-centricity, and more ways to ensure you know how you got there and why.


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