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How Indigo Gets Rapid Customer Feedback to Test Product Concepts

Written by Alida

Published May 12, 2022

Indigo is Canada’s leading book and lifestyle retailer, offering a curated assortment of books, gifts, baby, kids, wellness, and lifestyle products that support their customers every day and at key life stages by simplifying their journey to live life on purpose. Indigo believes in real books, in living life fully and generously, in being kind to each other, and that stories—big and little—connect us.

Earlier this year, Indigo decided to invest in a research program to enable customer feedback gathering and help support decision-making. This feedback will help improve and expand the product assortment, especially as Indigo continues to grow into additional categories as an extension of their book business. 

Using Alida’s platform, Indigo created a customer insight community called Indigo Innovators where they test ideas, products, and educate customers. The community enables them to simultaneously give customers a chance to have their voices heard, share their feedback with Indigo directly, and impact decisions being made at Indigo stores.

“Our objective is to enhance our customers’ experience and help them live their lives on purpose. With the support of Alida’s platform we can make data driven decisions, rooted in what is most meaningful to our customers, so that we are creating the products and experiences our customers want from us.”
-   Suzanna Morris Vice President, Data, Analytics and Loyalty

Recruiting customers to join the community

Indigo has quickly managed to recruit thousands of participants to the Indigo Innovators community to respond to surveys, access exclusive content, read blog articles, hear about special events, and more.

Off to a great start

Indigo started this insights program to create even more meaningful connections with their customers. Now they are able to test concepts, gather feedback on new product categories, and create awareness around new initiatives.

The Indigo team has run several studies with requests coming in from different departments as they continue to see strong engagement.

“The feedback we’re getting from our customers is helpful to a broad cross section of our internal teams and is being used to develop strategic plans.”
– Suzanna Morris Vice President, Data, Analytics and Loyalty