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How to Embrace Changing Customer Behaviors & Drive Retail Growth

Written by Alida

Published July 12, 2021

While you’ve been focusing on driving sales, rising above competitors, and keeping up with market volatility, you’ve missed something significant: A lot of unknown buyers—or potential buyers—have been coming and going on your digital properties. An influx of new potential customers sounds promising, but the challenges here are twofold: You’re lacking insight into who these digital consumers really are, and you don’t have a reliable way to get to know them.

Without the ability to quickly understand who these consumers are and what they want, you’re left in the dark and caught up in reactive mode.

Unless you can find a remedy for those blind spots—fast— you’re going to lose out on potential revenue, see shopping cart abandonment soar, and miss a huge opportunity for e-commerce growth—all before you even figured out your audience.


Listen to Your Customers

As you’re witnessing the highest annual e-commerce growth in two decades, you can’t afford to miss out on this unmatched opportunity to reach new digital consumers. But how can you meet new, constantly shifting demands without falling short of your new buyers’ expectations?

Here are seven steps you can take to proactively face shifts in the market and future-proof your business while enhancing the customer experience (CX) at the same time. 

  1. Audit the current state of your CX
  2. Find out who your digital customers are
  3. Ask what your digital customers want
  4. Turn collecting feedback into a seamless brand experience
  5. Craft customers' ideal physical and digital retail experiences
  6. Develop ongoing relationships for greater feedback
  7. Keep listening to evolve alongside your customers

For a deeper dive into these steps, download the e-book: 7 Steps to Drive Retail Growth

And, since you live and die by your metrics, we’ll also show you how these steps will have a positive impact on the ones that matter most.

Whether your retail business has been negatively impacted in the past year and you’re just beginning to ramp up digital delivery, or you’re already on the path to digital transformation, this retail e-book is for you.


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