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How to Improve Customer Understanding & CX with AI

Written by Alida

Published April 23, 2021

How do you stand on the right side of the line between the helpful and the creepy with artificial intelligence (AI)? It’s a question rarely asked about AI in customer experience.

We’ve partnered with Crack the Customer Code to bring valuable resources and discussion to the CXM community. Alida was designed for brands that care about listening to the voice of their customer and just as importantly, actioning these insights across their business to make better, more customer-centric decisions, and ultimately drive growth.

Riaz Raihan, President of Alida, leads product strategy, management, research and development, engineering, UX design, and customer cloud operations for the company. His team builds world-class customer experience management (CXM) products for Alida customers.

Riaz sat down with Jeannie Walters and Adam Toporek—two of the most recognized and respected names in customer experience—on the Crack the Customer Code podcast to talk about improving CX with AI.

AI is beneficial to some, but a complete mystery to most. It’s a problem that should be remedied as AI can be incredibly helpful to a lot of companies, as long as they implement it correctly. Riaz Raihan and his company Alida know that well. In this episode, he talks about how to use it in customer experience, how to deal with the problems that that many experience with AI, and so much more.

How can we use AI to better understand customers? 

AI helps us connect at scale. A small business with 10 customers doesn't need AI. The challenge is when you have 10 million customers and you have 10 million customers coming at you in different ways. We call this omnichannel. You have customers on your website, calling your call center, doing transactions in your retail stores you might have, and interacting with your brand multiple different ways. That's when you have what we call multiple signals. Now you have complexity. You've got all these customers in different parts of the country, different parts of the world, using different languages, different channels. 

AI can help you understand the voice of the customer over time.

What that means is being able to really pick out the signal from all the noise, understand a customer's preferences over time, and keep track on how the customer relationship with you is evolving over time. AI solves that problem at scale.

How does it work? There are three types of customer feedback: direct (what customers say to you), indirect (what customers say about you), and inferred (when you infer what customers might need based on life changes, preferences based on what they bought, patterns in buying behavior, etc.). All of this can be computed together, and good AI—like Alida AI—sits on top of our systems and makes predictions about what customers might want.

In the podcast episode, Riaz, Adam, and Jeannie delve into:

  • How to use AI to better understand customers
  • Is it possible to use AI to predict customer behavior in the future?
  • The challenges and problems around using AI
  • Helpful advice for leaders looking to implement AI into their organization
  • Lessons learned about AI in Alida and how the company implements this technology


Listen to the full episode here: