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Spring ’20 Release Extends Reach & Engagement with Launch of Touchpoint and More

Written by Alida

Published April 28, 2020

Today marks the second product release of 2020 for Alida. It’s been a quarter like no other as teams across our organization have come together in new ways, including our full staff working remotely, to deliver value to our customers through exciting new features and an innovative new product. 

Introducing Touchpoint

Our customers asked for new ways to engage insight community members and connect with and recruit individuals not yet a part of their communities. We are excited to answer the call and introduce Touchpoint, a new cloud-based application that enables brands to create quick and engaging interactions with their broader customer bases and external market segments. 

Brands that rely on our Alida Sparq digital insight community platform have asked how they can better tap into some of their customers and non-customers in hard-to-reach segments. Touchpoint was designed to help with that. Because Touchpoint activities can be placed on online platforms such as social media and e-commerce sites, brands are able to connect with elusive individuals like Gen Zs and Millennial males where they spend time online.

A recent study by ClickZ, found that 97% of the 80,000 Gen Z respondents owned a smartphone and 64% said they are constantly online. Any brand looking to reach this audience needs to optimize their digital reach across device and screen types.

Pew Research found that 86% of Millennials use social media and their usage has remained steady for the last seven years. That number isn’t surprising, but interestingly, other generations’ use of social media has increased. Social media use among Gen Xers, Boomers, and Silents has increased by at least 10 percent over the same period.

All this goes to show that meeting customers or target segments where they spend their time and how they want to be reached is critical, and Touchpoint can help.

Increasing Member Engagement with Alida Sparq Digital Insight Communities

Every Alida release strives to bring customer-led enhancements to our Alida Sparq insight community platform. The Spring ’20 release is no exception. This release brings to fruition three new highly requested features to help brands increase engagement with insight community members while also simplifying Alida Sparq administration.

Brands can now use Quick Polls in their Member Hubs to have quick, fun, and engaging interactions with their digital insight community members. With Quick Polls, it’s easy to collect quick feedback that can augment customer insights already in Alida Sparq. The Quick Polls activity builder was designed with simplicity in mind and lets Alida Sparq users create visual, compelling activities using existing brand resources.

Also included in Spring ’20 is the ability for administrators to show members what the brand has learned from them with the Member Profile Variable Update. This transparency strengthens relationships between brands and customers and invites customers to collaborate and confirm the data collected is accurate, as well as provide any additional details they want the companies to know, ultimately helping to build deeper member profiles.

For customers who need to follow their enterprise guidelines about Single Sign On (SSO) to control and manage access to the Alida Sparq application, another key feature enhancement was designed just for them. Configurable Single Sign On provides Alida Sparq administrators with the capability to easily set up and configure SSO by leveraging SSO integration right from the Alida Sparq App Center.

And Something New for Healthcare Providers

Some of the largest healthcare providers in North America have long relied on Alida to engage their patients and collect feedback through patient insight communities. Now it is even easier for healthcare organizations to improve their patient experience by leveraging the first of Alida’s packaged industry solutions.

Our new patient experience solution increases the ease of getting started and accelerates the time to value of a patient experience community by providing patient experience narratives and best practices that ensure the right patient feedback is being collected to drive actionable insights. With predefined activity templates designed to incorporate pulse checks on a patient’s visit to a healthcare provider’s facility, other care initiates already in place are strengthened. Healthcare organizations can proactively diagnose opportunities for improvement to their patient experiences in real-time and can monitor the results via a healthcare dashboard.

Delivering in the Face of Challenge

While each and every one of us strives to find our new normal both personally and professionally, it is important to recognize that there are opportunities in the face of challenge. At Alida, we have been amazed at the empathy and genuine care that our clients have shown to their customers in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. We’ve stood by our customers and found new ways to help them understand what their employees and insight community members need from them.

While our Spring ’20 release was started long before COVID-19 changed our world, through keeping our customers at the center of everything we do, we’re proud to introduce new products and features that are designed to help our clients engage and collect feedback in new ways and stay close to their customers.