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What Is Total Experience Management & Why Does Your Business Need It?

Written by Alida

Published August 10, 2021

CX is your competitive weapon, but your competitors know this too. The experiences you deliver will have the biggest impact on attracting and retaining customers—more than price or product. Brands can’t afford to deliver sub-par experiences, but brand trust is at an all-time low, with NPS scores at one third of what they were just five years ago.

Experience matters, and not just customer experience (CX). Companies need to focus on driving improvement with every experience they deliver—including product, brand, and employee experiences. Companies that fail to innovate and optimize experiences will be left behind. If you haven’t made experience your top priority, it’s time to rethink your strategy.

But, there’s good news! Once you get the right process in place for optimizing experiences, you can scale your program and efforts to drive organization-wide improvements for every experience.

For over two decades, we’ve helped some of the largest global brands uncover insights from their customers and employees to help drive more customer-centric business decisions. 

One of our guiding principles as an organization is to practice what we preach, and constantly work with our clients to understand their needs, priorities, and preferences and how we can continually improve and adapt our offers to help them drive the most value for their customers. 

Today, we are excited to announce another giant leap forward by introducing Alida Total Experience Management (TXM)


What Is Total Experience Management?

Total Experience Management (TXM) fuses the voice of your customers and employees with the ability to deliver extraordinary customer, employee, product, and brand experiences.

The first aspect of TXM is the breadth of experiences organizations are able to support. Though CX has been our bread and butter, our platform is used by global brands to go well beyond customer experience, to optimize and innovate experiences for anyone that matters to them: employees, product users, brand advocates, advertisers, gamers, partners, you name it.

When you build the right process for improving experiences, you can scale your program to every team, driving more value from your efforts and having a positive impact on every audience that matters to you.

Rather than multiple, disconnected initiatives, Total Experience Management supports an integrated program that brings together all business functions and use cases.

  • Omnichannel customer experience – Improve the end-to-end customer experience at every stage – discovery, purchase, onboarding, delivery, support, and renewal.
  • Product innovation – Prioritize your roadmap, accelerate time to market, increase product adoption, and reduce product support costs.
  • Employee experience – Attract candidates, retain talent, increase productivity, get valuable insights from the front lines, and empower employees to solve customer problems.
  • Branding and advertising effectiveness – Test re-branding initiatives and marketing campaigns before you launch, give advertisers insight into your customers’ habits, and increase customer loyalty and advocacy.


Leading Healthcare Providers Embrace TXM:

A leading not-for-profit healthcare system in the US, with over 15 hospitals, partners with Alida to improve the experience for consumers, doctors, and nurses. With access to thousands of employees and consumers, the provider is able to work with their audiences to understand which programs and investments will have the biggest impact. Access to consumers and patients helps them manage marketing investments, align on organizational resourcing, and deliver better employee experiences.


Going Beyond Traditional VoC

Alongside the breadth of experiences you’re able to optimize, TXM goes beyond traditional voice of the customer (VoC) insights. Traditional VoC excels at tracking customers and helping brands uncover problems or opportunities in their customer experience. Unfortunately, it doesn’t provide insight into the root causes of these problems, or how to fix them. VoC is a great first step, but delivering the best experiences requires taking your program a step further.

Traditional VoC must be augmented with a system for innovating by optimizing every touchpoint with your customers and employees through deeper insight gathering. This process involves co-creation, qualitative listening, and concept testing, as just a few examples of how leading brands go deeper with customers to deliver better solutions to their problems. This is where you unlock true customer-centricity.



Brands that not only work with their customers to identify gaps, but to also build solutions with them, will see higher customer lifetime value, decreased churn, higher engagement, and stronger brand loyalty. 


The Virtuous Cycle of TXM

Tracking and innovating with your customers is not a one-time exercise. Your customers’ priorities and preferences are constantly changing. In order to drive continual improvement in lock step with your customers, brands must constantly repeat this process: identify gaps with traditional VoC, work with customers to build innovative solutions to optimize experiences, and then repeat the process all over again! TXM is a continuous, intuitive process that allows brands to uncover pain points and opportunities to understand their customers’ truth and reveals the best avenue for building more innovative and optimized experiences. 

This ongoing process enables brands to proactively identify trends ahead of competitors, constantly iterate and improve the products and services they deliver, and even deliver exceptional employee experiences to retain the best talent.

This is how brands will differentiate themselves in the experience-first marketplace. This is how brands can take risks, drive innovation, and put customers first, all while moving forward with surety that customers will love what they produce—because they helped them produce it.

Whether you’re a leading global brand looking to take your experiences to the next level, or a first-time CX professional looking to catch up, Alida TXM will help you unlock your true potential and deliver world-class experiences for customers, employees, products, and brand. 

Talk to the Alida Team today to learn more about how Alida TXM can help you.

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