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What to Expect from Activate 2022?

Written by Alida

Published April 21, 2022

The bi-annual event plans to deliver on its title (Experience, Reimagined) by shedding light on how to move back from reactive to proactive CX designing.


The opportunities to reimagine experiences for customers and employees today are endless, regardless of the industry. Brands are certainly motivated: the vast majority is currently dealing with increased consumer expectations, instant-satisfaction demands, and expectations in the state-of-the-art realm. With customers willing to walk away from one bad experience, how quickly brands respond and adapt to changing expectations is now a critical differentiator.

While we know customer-centricity is a priority, organizations have only begun to scratch the surface on turning this goal into a reality. Companies that don’t drive experience transformation are left behind as customers move on with a tap of a finger.



In Avengers, uber-villain Thanos made half the population of the universe vanish, at least for five years, causing world economies to collapse and then adjust. COVID’s financial impact is somewhat reminiscent of Thanos’ brutal designs: it altered the customer experience at a molecular level.

In 2020, businesses were forced to rethink the experiences they delivered to customers and employees. In the face of an unknown future, they had to explore new ways to purchase and receive products, uncover different ways to work remotely, and adapt to vastly changing consumer priorities and expectations from the brands they knew and loved.

This phenomenon, plus the Great Resignation (workers leaving their positions unhappy with their employee experience), effectively placed customers and employees in the driver’s seat. Companies in every vertical were left to decide if this was a problem or an opportunity to throw away the rule book and reinvent themselves.

After countless pivots to keep up with changing conditions, it’s time to start thinking about what comes after the “new normal”, now informed by our recent collective experience. With change being the only constant, the priorities for executives around the world are clear:

  • Get closer to and collaborate with customers and employees to innovate quickly and effectively
  • Develop long-term sustainable and scalable programs to stay ahead of the customers and ensure your organization is providing the most value



Set to kick off May 4th, Alida Activate 2022 will explore how entirely new experiences have already or are being developed, and how market leaders are bringing their customers into the decision-making process.

Attendees will learn…

…how to get closer than they ever thought possible to their customers,

…discover how to innovate faster without sacrificing quality,

…and explore how to reimagine the customer experience and create memorable experiences at every touchpoint.

Those who join us at Activate will also find out how leading brands have stayed ahead of the changing market, pick up best practices from industry experts, and take a look under the hood of best-in-class insight programs. Expect professionals from a variety of fields to share their knowledge (what can crypto learn from professional hockey? You’ll find out) and generate a most fruitful cross-pollination.

Participants should leave with actionable takeaways to create world-class experiences in their own organizations. In addition, attendees will experience sneak peeks of new Alida product features and receive fresh insights from CX expert Kerry Bodine and Forrester analyst Maxie Schmidt.

Bodine will tackle the role of empathy as input in the creation of effortless, enjoyable experiences, and how to capture, measure, and turn it into action. In turn, Schmidt and Alida’s President of Product and Engineering, Riaz Raihan, will discuss what does it take to innovate and deliver world-class experiences for customers, employees, products, and brands.



These are Activate 2022's central topics:

Prepare for the new era of experience: The ever-changing customer needs require uninterrupted, state-of-the-art digital experiences. Reimagine the customer and employee experience at your organization to predict customer demands and delight customers at scale to stay ahead of the curve. 

Get closer to your customers: Hear from market leaders on how they went from “improving touchpoints” to “improving journeys” by bringing together all business functions. Uncover insights to improve the end-to-end customer experience at every stage.

Unlock true customer-centricity: Go beyond voice of the customer (VoC) insights and witness present-day examples of brands bringing customers into the decision-making process, to augment their insights efforts and innovate the customer experience. 

Grow customer loyalty: With customers willing to walk away after one bad experience, find out how can you create unforgettable experiences and serve the customers of the future. Gaming companies have a lot to say in this regard: By tapping into gamers for feedback, they realized by recruiting them for their community, they increased the amount of time and money they spent in the games. They have come to realize that loyalty is a spectacular side-effect of a good insight program.


What is Activate?

Alida Activate is an annual virtual experience event that features both live and on-demand content.

Activate is where aspirations of customer-centricity meet tangible action-plans for building out your program. The event connects you with your peers, industry experts, thought leaders, and CX professionals. Our keynotes are visionary thinkers that fuel you with inspiration to rethink what’s possible for your customers.

Join practical sessions with some of the most innovative brands to learn how market leaders create world-class experiences through Total Experience Management (TXM). We’ll break down success stories and give you tangible takeaways to implement in your organization.

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