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About Salomon

Salomon is a France-based outdoor sportswear and sports equipment manufacturer. With its mission to enable people to play, progress and connect with nature, its Salomon Research community launched in 2015 and allows 10,000 client members in eight countries to be involved in three areas: strategy definition, brand positioning and product development.


Improve customer satisfaction

Accelerate innovation

De-risk decisions

Business Challenge

Salomon wanted to become a more customer-centric organization and use customer voice to support its strategies for product innovation and development. Equipped with customer insight, Salomon could confidently introduce new products to market.

However, traditional methods to gather insights were time-consuming and expensive. Salomon was looking for a new way to communicate with customers and collect insights more quickly, efficiently, and in full compliance with GDPR and other data regulations.

This need was accentuated when they wanted to reposition the brand and launch the "Time to Play" concept.



Through the Salomon Research Community, the company collects customer insights on its market vision and uses automatically-analyzed results to redefine and reposition its strategy. Members play a key role in the decision-making process and enable Salomon to position the company and products successfully in the market. It helps Salomon optimize and accelerate its strategic innovations.

Salomon Research Community is fully integrated with Salomon’s CRM system - their main repository for their consumer data. The objective of this integration is to be able to allow all CRM contacts the opportunity to be part of the insight community in order to fully involve customers in all stages of the product innovation cycle. Integrating Alida Sparq directly with their CRM system also allows wider internal access to ask survey questions to their customers in their CRM database and enriches the profile and journey of customers. In addition, this integration allows Salomon to efficiently be in full compliance with GDPR, and other data regulations, by centralizing and consolidating data and managing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) and data consent.

This combined tool can be utilized by anyone in the company wishing to interact with the CRM database to glean insight. Connecting Alida Sparq to Salomon’s CRM system enables the organization to better define and measure the consumer lifetime value, understand consumer attitudes toward down-sell, up-sell, and cross-sell by sending automated follow-up surveys, and conduct real-time deep dives into low NPS scores as customers are registered on their websites and through in-store experiences.

"It’s incredible to get an idea on Monday and to get it tested by Friday. Alida is now an important tool in our consumer and marketing toolbox."

Philippe Havard, Head of Consumer Data, Salomon

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