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Alida Fall ‘22 Product Release: Engage more customers faster with Conversational Surveys

Written by Alida

Published October 25, 2022

The launch of this product headlines our Q4 release, which also includes several new features bound to enhance the Alida TXM platform.


Conversational Surveys, a new addition to the Alida platform that allows you to engage with more customers faster via SMS, leads the product release for Q4. The new product makes it possible to unlock new insights through a familiar conversational style at the speed of SMS.

This quarter also brings many new features set to elevate the Total Experience Management (TXM) platform to new heights. Among them, an enhanced respondent experience in Community, Surveys, and the mobile app; streamlined workflows throughout the Alida product suite; and deeper analysis options for Surveys, Community, Touchpoint, and the mobile app.

These new features reaffirm Alida’s mission of helping organizations retain and increase existing customers’ loyalty and drive business performance. All in one seamlessly integrated platform


“Today’s release continues to show Alida’s innovative promise and further strengthens our place as a visionary leader in the customer experience market,” said Riaz Riahan, President of Products and Engineering, Alida. “In today’s climate, it’s imperative that businesses leverage tools that allow them to meet their customers faster where they are. With Alida’s latest product, Conversational Surveys, companies can easily engage with customers via SMS in a conversational style.

Let’s break down this quarter’s product news and enhancements:

  • Engage with more customers in faster with Conversational Surveys delivered via SMS:
    • Reach a wider array of audiences and unlock new insights to build truly exceptional customer experiences with new Conversational Surveys. 
    • Design, analyze, and engage participants through a familiar conversational style of feedback capture. 
    • Leverage the universal channel of SMS and the power of conversational design to create engaging feedback surveys that minimize friction and enable faster responses.  

  • Increase response rates with an enhanced respondent experience
    • Provide a modern survey response experience in Surveys and Community with enhanced tools, including highlighter, media player, multiple choice grids in tables, and multiple options for single choice grids.
    • Give respondents the opportunity to provide feedback in the language they prefer through a language selection menu in Community and Surveys.
    • Broaden the demographic reach of customer feedback with new Catalan language support in Community and Surveys. 
    • Automatically detect device languages on Mobile App and translate all non-user generated content into multiple languages, including traditional and simplified Chinese.

  • Streamline workflows with improved admin experience
    • Develop, distribute, and manage numerous communications across multiple segments and markets in a single workflow within Community. This eliminates the need to create individual invitations and reminders to reach distributed communities. 
    • Effectively close the loop by distributing actions to specific roles across the organization with Actions.
    • Get easier and faster access to the relevant information on Mobile App. Log onto multiple programs at once using single sign-on (SSO) credentials.


  • Conduct deeper analysis for better decision-making
    • Leverage the date-range filter to gain more granular insights and identify trends with Surveys and Community Reports.
    • Dig deeper into Touchpoint reports by applying new data filters (date, digital channel, distribution, and device) to gain better insights into audience needs.
    • View recent notification message history in the Mobile App Notification Message Center. 

For more information on Alida TXM products and how they can help your organization uncover and action its customers’ truth, visit