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Alida Summer ‘21 Release Provides Richer Insights to Elevate CX Programs

Written by Alida

Published July 27, 2021

Summer is here, and the Alida team has been hard at work to deliver our third quarterly product release of the year—and it’s a big one!

Today, we make another big leap forward towards helping our clients deliver exceptional customer experiences. In our pursuit towards helping organizations uncover and action their customers’ and employees’ truths, we’ve added new features and functionality to help brands improve the customer and employee experience by closing the feedback loop, strengthening brand loyalty, and ultimately achieving better performance metrics with our CXM & Insights Platform.

“Today’s release further cements Alida’s position as a CX leader,” said Riaz Raihan, President of Products & Engineering at Alida. “We’re thrilled to provide leading brands the solutions they need to capture and visualize experience data to understand and action customer and employee feedback in real time. With the flexibility and advanced capabilities that our platform offers, our clients are able to listen to their customers, understand their needs and take action to close the feedback loop seamlessly.”

A key motivation behind this release was to make it easier for our clients to navigate Alida applications and provide enhanced functionality to integrate data sources and visualize analytics. By doing this, Alida is powering  brands’ ability to optimize customer, employee, product and brand experiences.

We did this across the Alida CXM & Insights Platform in four key ways.


Better navigate all Alida applications through a new, modern aesthetic user interface

The Summer '21 release includes a brand new user interface (UI). We’ve made it even easier for our clients to navigate between products, connect with customers through Hubs, view open-ended survey responses in the updated Alida Mobile App, and increase the impact of insights with additional enterprise controls.


Elevate employee and customer experiences by leveraging  Alida’s 100+ integrations to aggregate and act on experience and operational data

Our product and innovation team has developed a wealth of new tools and integrations for brands to do more with their customer insights. We worked with our customers to identify and build over 100 integrations to our platform, giving clients more tools than ever before to aggregate and act on their experience and operational data.

Clients will now be able to integrate the Alida CXM & Insights Platform with key systems such as ERP, CRM, and marketing automation systems to take targeted actions to close the feedback loop with customers.

Our customers told us that the ability to connect with their employees is more  important than ever before. To help them achieve this, brands can now integrate insights with employee data from HRIS systems to streamline Voice of Employee (VoE) initiatives and processes to maximize employee satisfaction. 

As CX initiatives impact teams across the organization, we’ve also added integrations with collaboration tools like Slack to close the feedback loop with timely, efficient notifications to the right people in the organization.


Keeping pace with evolving customer sentiment

With customers experiencing constant change, being able to track how sentiment and satisfaction change over time is pivotal for proactively identifying market trends. 

With our Summer '21 release, our clients will be able to map evolving customer sentiment using time-series dashboards for multi-response surveys to track changes in customer satisfaction over time.

We’ve also released new functionality to help guide business decisions by validating hypotheses around research and CX programs using advanced significance testing in crosstab analysis. 

And for brands looking to improve their NPS program, they can now accelerate time-to-value by using the new NPS dashboard template with pre-calculated measures to auto-populate live, content-rich and interactive NPS dashboards.

To cater to our diverse customers and in turn, their diverse customers , we’ve  augmented  our capabilities to capture qualitative feedback in 11 languages by leveraging artificial intelligence.

Gain complete visibility into all Alida Touchpoint activities from a centralized place to track, manage, and optimize customer engagement across digital channels

Alida Touchpoint, our enterprise-grade microsurvey solution, is an integral part of the Alida product suite for brands looking to reach customers in the moment with quick feedback collection. We’ve made it even easier for companies to access and take automatic actions on feedback and information collected through Alida Touchpoint in the Alida platform via the rule engine.

In addition, our customers will be able to utilize a new multi-choice question type to build flexible activities to understand customers preferences. We’ve also added the ability to view and manage all Alida Touchpoint activities in the new “Track” page.


Coming soon: Alida is bringing to market a twofold approach to diversity, equity, & inclusion (DE&I)

Alida’s DE&I solutions empower customers to drive significant, measurable, and systemic change both within their organization and in the markets where they sell their products and solutions. The DE&I solutions are based on Alida’s powerful CXM & Insights Platform complemented with expert advisory services to support our clients on every step of their DE&I journey to understand the diverse needs of their employees and customers. For more information, visit our DE&I solution page.

The Summer '21 release has been one of our biggest, most ambitious yet! We’re so thrilled to launch all of the new features, functionalities, and UI improvements to help brands realize their CX aspirations. As always, we’re grateful to have a fantastic, engaged customer base who help guide our product innovation roadmap to ensure we’re developing new tools that help meet the needs of our customers. So we want to thank our clients for being part of our journey, and we look forward to continuing our product innovation momentum in the months and years to come. 


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