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VOICE OF EMPLOYEE SOLUTION Elevate Employee Experience

Create a community of employees for ongoing conversations that provide deep, actionable insights to help your organization learn from employees to attract, retain, and engage the best people.


Engage Employees to Inform Decisions

Managers and leaders struggle to collect employee feedback on benefit offerings, hard to gather sentiment on training and development initiatives, and get a pulse on employee feedback to quickly make improvements. Collect actionable employee insights through a digital community to dive deeper into problems and proactively identify trends in thoughts and opinions to transform the employee experience.

Are You Giving Employees a Voice?


Highly engaged teams show 21% greater profitability.


89% of HR leaders think ongoing peer feedback has a positive impact on the organization.

Capture the Voice of Employee throughout Lifecycle


Employee Lifecycle

  • Recruiting & hiring
  • Onboarding
  • Training & development
  • Retention
  • Offboarding
  • Separation

Employee Pulse

  • Ongoing feedback
  • Segmented targeting
  • Sentiment analysis
  • Problem identification
  • Organization initiative measurement
  • Actionable insights

Employee Satisfaction

  • Benefits
  • Safety & security
  • Workplace satisfaction
  • Training & development
  • Community initiatives

Employee Engagement

  • Attrition reduction
  • Absenteeism 
  • Growth opportunities
  • Loyalty

Employee Training

Collecting the Voice of Employees Is Easier Than You Think

Introducing our new voice of employee (VoE) solution designed for HR professionals


Activity Templates

Dashboard & Analytics

Our new Voice of Employee solution enables HR Professionals to take a pulse of employee engagement across common employee experience milestones throughout their tenure at your organization.

Collect employee experience feedback to ensure their voices are heard and to identify opportunities for improvement and retention. Employee experience feedback and trends can be easily elevated to executive stakeholders for actioning.

Voice of Employee Datasheet


Our Voice of Employee solution includes pre-built pulse templates that make it quick and easy for HR to capture employee engagement feedback across the following cornerstone events:

  • Onboarding
  • Employee Monthly/Quarterly Pulse
  • Annual Employee Survey
  • Exit Interviews

The solution’s accompanying Voice of Employee dashboard displays real-time results of each activity, such as average satisfaction score. The current score in addition to the rating over time enable employee experience trend identification and tracking. The dashboard also makes it easy to elevate important trends to executive stakeholders.


Voice of Employee Solution Use Cases


Improve Employee Experience

Learn from employees through ongoing conversations that reveal actionable insights to reduce attrition and absenteeism, and increase engagement.


Validate Ideas and Products

Test important decisions with the people that know your organization best, by collecting feedback quickly and confidentially.


Improve Training & Onboarding

Ensure your employees are supported by gathering actionable feedback to optimize training and onboarding processes.

Let Your Voice of Employee Shine in an Insight Community

Learn from the Right Employees at the Right Time

  • Power your employee insights with unlimited activities on the Alida Sparq platform
  • Deliver interactive surveys on any device
  • For sensitive topics, provide employees confidence to speak up with confidentiality
  • Target critical employee segments during crises or other circumstances

Create a Central Source for Voice of Employee with Hubs

  • Mobile accessible for engagement wherever and whenever
  • Host fun, interactive activities to collect employee insight
  • Shareback relevant activity results & stories so employees feel heard
  • Create engaging Quick Polls for employee engagement

Analyze and Report to Make Insights Actionable

  • Apply advanced tools (including text and sentiment analysis) for critical insight on employee segments
  • Create and share reports or export in various formats for fast, in-depth analysis

Westfield Insurance: How to Engage Employees

“The insight community helps Westfield be who we say we are - we share knowledge and we build trust, not only with customers and agents, but with our own employees as well.”

—Amy Feeman, Research & Insights Professional, Westfield Insurance

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