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Voice of Employee Solution

Build employees' trust with regular feedback and responsiveness

Harness the Voice of Employees to improve retention, drive business outcomes and support DE&I initiatives.

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Increase employee engagement and retention.

Listen to your employees, identify likely churners and churn drivers, and prioritize efforts to increase engagement and retention.

  • Get more survey completes from hourly and seasonal workers by offering surveys via QR codes, SMSs, on-location kiosks, and more.
  • Identify churn propensity and trigger follow-up surveys for those most at risk.
  • Recognize negative sentiment in voice and text to take quick action. 
  • Automate surveys and communications based on employee milestones or addition of new employees

Improve business performance.

Employee perspective can help you to make business improvements that customers will love. 

  • Invite targeted employees including Employee Resource Group (ERG) members, High Performers, etc. to participate in Virtual Focus Groups
  • Collaborate with a community of highly engaged employees who share their thoughts about their experience with your customers, product and brand.
  • Gather real-time feedback with digital intercept surveys within your intranet site 
  • Measure how eSAT is driving CSAT



Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I).

Collaborate with your employees on how best to create an inclusive workplace 

  • Access DE&I templates with pre-built questions to identify unique employee perspectives that help deliver inclusive workplace solutions
  • Test and validate programs with your diversity council, leadership and other employees before implementing company-wide initiatives
  • Easily build ERGs to provide a safe space for ongoing dialog and track progress on your diversity initiatives
  • For differently-abled employees, use video focus groups to have their voices heard. 
  • Mark a question as private, flag information as sensitive, or distribute surveys through anonymous links 
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We've been leveraging Alida for customer intelligence and Voice of the Employee. We've been able to use [Alida] surveys to understand employee sentiment and understand their experience. We've used this insight to inform our internal comms and drive employee engagement, which has been particularly impactful throughout the pandemic.

- Darcy G, Client Insights Program Manager, Mid-Market (51-1000 emp.)

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