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Alida Spring ‘21 Product Release Fuels a Holistic Customer View

Written by Alida

Published April 27, 2021

The excitement in the air is palpable. It feels a bit like a marathon where you know you still have miles and miles to go, but you have a tailwind and you’re drafting behind some strong runners. But the thing is, a marathon has a finish line at exactly 26.2 miles from the start. Delivering value to our customers isn’t finite. We don’t have a finish line. So it’s time to take a deep breath and pace ourselves, but feel good about our progress and celebrate the mile markers.

So for today, let’s talk about momentum and the mile marker that is our second quarterly release of the year, the Alida Spring ‘21 product release. Our latest release is significant in that while it offers enhancements across our entire Alida CXM & Insights Platform, we’ve really doubled down on enhancing what makes Alida unique in the eyes of the market. And more importantly, those of our customers.

A driving force behind this release was to make it easier to integrate and visualize customer data. By doing this, Alida is simplifying brands’ ability to understand and act on their customers’ feedback to drive even better experiences.

We did this across the Alida CXM & Insights Platform in three key ways.



Surface and automatically action critical responses during the customer’s journey

Our customers asked for new ways to collect, understand, and action customer feedback and sentiment. The Spring ‘21 release includes many new capabilities across our platform.

Alida CXM

  • Event-driven surveys automatically initiate communication with customers based on client transactional data for in-the-moment feedback
  • Slack integration increases efficiency of communications for necessary customer follow up
  • Profile variable availability in the Rule Engine helps ensure higher levels of personalization in follow-up both within the organization and externally

Alida Sparq and Alida Surveys

  • Choice-based conjoint analysis collects deeper insights to identify ideal pricing and product attributes by using a new advanced question type
  • Arabic and Hebrew surveys collects feedback in Arabic and Hebrew languages through surveys and in the right to left format
  • Media industry solution provides media brands with pre-built packaged templates designed to easily gather insights and take action
  • Alida Mobile App survey insights enables convenient access to validate their studies and stay informed


Integrate with new data sources for better line of site of the whole customer experience

Combining experience data collected through the Alida platform with operational data you already have enables a deeper understanding of your customer so that you can provide an even better experience. 

One of the most interesting new capabilities in Alida CXM is to capture customer review data and automatically trigger specific actions for follow up based on content in the review. Often there is a disconnect between the reviews customers leave and the lack of follow up by the brand that can lead to dissatisfaction and lessened loyalty. Conversely, brands that follow up with review data, whether it is positive or negative, see customers spend 49% more with them than with brands that don’t. 

Additional integrations were also delivered to provide operational data from including Salesforce CRM, Microsoft Dynamics, and Marketo to augment customer data collected directly through Alida applications. Additionally, for brands focused on Voice of Employee programs, we now integrate with SAP Successfactors HRIS


Improve data visualization and analysis for better understanding and decision-making

With all the new ways to integrate, collect, and action customer data and feedback, it was just as important to make sure we enhanced the ways that brands interpret and monitor their customer experience data. Across the Alida CXM & Insights Platform, we’ve improved visualization and analysis at all levels, both platform and product, to drive better customer-centric decisions.

    • Alida CXM review data dashboard summarizes the week’s review activity, for a snapshot of review activity critical to brand or product perception
    • Alida Analytics for Alida Sparq and Alida Surveys
      • Dashboards that combine community and survey data for a more complete view of the customer
      • Crosstab Enhancements uncovers patterns and trends between different data segments 
    • Alida Touchpoint 
      • Enhanced analytics surface most meaningful data, analyze the performance of their activities, and dive into strategic strengths of each distribution channel
      • Enhanced admin dashboard provides real-time visibility into activity performance key metrics
    • Alida Mobile App
      • Configurable dashboards enables users to stay updated on the go with key metrics
      • Enhanced home page easily keep admins abreast of their community and activity metrics

If you’re an existing customer, we can’t wait for you to start using new features or exploring new products to drive even more value for your CX and VoC initiatives. Think of it like a water or nutrition stop during the race. More fuel for your customer experience muscles and a stronger performance overall. And if Alida is new to you, contact us to learn how we can be your training partner in delivering a better experience to your customers.

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