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EMEA Delta Award Winners 2021

Written by Alida

Published December 14, 2021

Every year Alida holds the Delta Awards, a ceremony in which we highlight and praise the year's achievements in customer experience and insights by our esteemed customers. In light of our launch of Total Experience Management this year, we recognized customers who significantly improved their customer, brand, employee, and/or product experience. Special credit was given to those who managed to encompass agility and unite all four experience types for a truly integrated approach. Read below about each winner and what made them stand out to us this year!

The Delta Award Ceremony is held during our Alida Activate event series. This year we hosted five events around the globe. All virtual, in 3 different languages and in 5 different regions representing our global brand. 


Stitch Fix Excels at Product Innovation in New Market

Stitch Fix is an up and coming online retailer that offers personal styling boxes filled with clothing catered to the customers preference. Already vastly familiar with the use of surveys and big data due to their algorithm which chooses clothes for customers, Stitch Fix is highly aware of the value that meaningful insights can bring to the business. 

At the UK branch, Susan Britton is a one woman team managing the Client Insights at Stitch Fix. Her work has garnered her several wins of Alida’s customer award during the years while working at three different companies. Now at Stitch Fix she recently launched their insights projects since the company broke into the UK market in 2019. From the beginning she used the Alida services to collect and analyse her research and knew the appetite at the company was high for valuable CX results. Her personal preference for an agile and flexible platform is what manifested Alida as the only choice for CXM at Stitch Fix.

Since Stitch Fix was new to the UK market, the first project Britton launched was an investigation into their new customers. Who were they, what did they like, what did they need, and how would they like to be serviced? She used Alida Sparq and Touchpoint to conduct quantitative research as well as dig deeper into the “why” of their customers' preferences. Although Stitch Fix had access to Big Data, insights were needed to understand why customers did what they did and help predict future trends and behaviours. These insights were primarily used in developing products and testing out new collections and sets in their styling boxes. Get the full story here.


Kramp Wins Back Customer Satisfaction

Kramp, headquartered in the Netherlands, one of the largest providers of agricultural mechanic parts in Europe. They supply replacement parts to resellers and agricultural companies across several markets in Europe and across several industries such as construction, forestry, and landscaping. 

Corjan te pas, the Customer Experience Specialist at Kramp accepts this year's Delta Award for his CX strategies specialised in B2B sales. In 2021, he aimed to scale up the insights program to keep up with the complexity of the company's growing markets and create a holistic view on what their customers and partners need and expect, infusing Voice of Customer into all aspects of the business.

To achieve this, his first project was to educate all stakeholders on the importance of customer experience (CX). The CX Investor program was developed where all employees can learn about what CX is, the basics in market research, and how to embed insights into their business decisions. Having managers and colleagues be aware of the influence CX can have on their own projects made them more inclined to support CXM across the board.

Once the teams were educated and had bought into the use of insights for business development, it was now time to set up initiatives to evaluate any future projects and strategies based on how they positively contribute to the customer experience. If a project does not bring value to the experience, it just wouldn’t happen. The buy-in from the top-level management was crucial in the implementation of this.

If you wish to learn more about how Kramp managed to pull this off in the whole of Europe and how the Alida platform can help you break down language and market barriers, read the full customer story here.


Twitter Brings Value to Clients during Pandemic 

Twitter continues to dominate the social media space and became increasingly popular during the pandemic as a hub for instant information. Their active use of their insight community and ongoing polling (sometimes as often as once a week), allowed them to keep a pulse on the ever-changing behaviours and moods of their users. The results of the polls were easily turned into trend charts and became an invaluable resource for Twitter’s marketing clients. 

Marketing agencies and teams relied on Twitter’s research to better understand what consumers need during these trying times. What messages did they need to hear? How would they prefer companies to react? What was the most important thing for them, and how could companies help? The access to those answers gave Twitter a sharp competitive edge as an ad space provider, but also as a guide for organic communication. 

Alida’s language function and rapid response processors, allowed Twitter to expand their insights communities and build a global view of the current happenings. If you wish to know how they prioritize their time and markets and how sharing insights globally helped them stay on top, read the full story here.


PokerStars at the Forefront of Insight Integration

Last year, Flutter merged with The Stars Group and now covers over 10 global brands including PokerStars. Gareth Williams, the Insights Community Manager at The Stars Group, recently sparked the need for an insight community that crosses over all brands in Flutter Entertainment Inc. He knew this would require buy-in on all levels and could not be a simple top down decision. 

To achieve that buy-in, he developed a strategy to have all aspects of the business see the value in customer insights. He started splitting up the different departments and treating them as individual clients to win over, highlighting the benefits of Voice of Customer to each of them. 

One key tactic was sharing the results and updates from the CX efforts across departments, through the use of internal newsletters. These newsletters would include data on how much time was saved in developing and testing products as well as how much money was saved or earned as a result of incorporating insights. The access to this data was transparent and swift for everyone.

Ultimately, Williams was able to successfully demonstrate that the use of insights from their customers had a positive effect on the bottom line and insights were now used across departments to build better and more effective products for all brands under the Flutter and The Stars Group umbrella. Read the full story here.


If you wish to hear from the winners themselves and see what Alida Activate is all about, watch the customer sessions here. If you are a current customer and wish to participate or submit for an award, reach out to your customer success manager to discuss how you can get involved! 


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