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Now Tech: Zero-Party Data Solutions, Q2 2021

Forrester's Overview Of 17 Zero-Party Data Solution Providers

With increased consumer privacy awareness and tech companies limiting data access, it is becoming harder and harder to glean actionable insights from prospects and customers to make meaningful business decisions.

Check out this Forrester Research Report, Now Tech: Zero-Party Data Solutions, Q2 2021, to discover why marketers have embraced zero-party data (ZPD) solutions in order to:

  • Ask for information that’s hard to infer or buy—inferring intent is far from perfect. Fortunately, customers want to volunteer their preferences and intentions.
  • Personalize without being creepy—uncover the exact level of personalization that your customers and prospects feel comfortable with.
  • Use ZPD as a barometer for trust—help rebuild the lack of trust that consumers have with brands by measuring CX improvements over time.

Discover why Alida ranked as a large established ZPD vendor, with more than $50 millions in ZPD solutions revenue.

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