How VMware Made the Shift to Customer-Led Innovation

Join two influential women in tech today, Kate Woodcock, VP of Customer Advocacy at VMware, and Kelly Hall, Chief Customer Officer at Vision Critical, as they discuss VMware’s journey from an engineering-led business to a truly customer-led enterprise.

In this fireside chat, Kate Woodcock shares a practical and inspiring exploration into the creation of a world-class customer insight and advocacy program that fuels the product innovation behind their leading technology that is used by almost every Fortune 1000 company on the planet.


Duration: 30 minutes followed by 15 minutes of Q&A


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Discover how Kate and her team:

Created a customer-first cultural and operational transformation

Harnessed insights in their strategic product planning and decisions

Redefined the role of customer advocacy



Kate Woodcock

Vice President, Customer Advocacy

VMware, Inc.


Kelly Hall

Chief Customer Officer

Vision Critical

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